Rick MillerRick Miller
President & Creative Director

Northlight has grown because we are fun to work with. We all take a lot of pride in our work and we try to give our clients unique and effective solutions to creating their image and presenting it to the marketplace.

Having grown up in the printing business, I was fortunate to learn the basics of graphic arts from my father. That understanding of production processes helped to make my design work sensible and gave me the ability to offer clients creative, but economical solutions to projects. The other aspect we try to give every assignment is a sense of dignity – something that a lot of advertising lacks.

Linda Smith
Linda Smith
Vice President

Even after 19 years at Northlight, I think the first thing I would want anyone to know about me is that I really love my job. After various career beginnings; direct mail account exec., account manager in a large print shop, manager of two restaurants (at the same time!) and store manager (books, my one true love!), I feel I’ve found a home at Northlight.

As Vice President and Chief Ankle Biter, I’m never bored! My responsibilities are numerous, but none as important as knowing the status of all the jobs that are in the agency and being available to all clients when their primary contact isn’t. I try to make sure every job gets done correctly and on time. Sometimes it’s with quiet words and gentle encouragement, occasionally with much shouting and great gnashing of teeth, but hey, it’s all in a day’s work.

Max Morresi
Website Development, Illustration & Design

My mission at Northlight is to integrate our design capabilities with various emergent technologies.

My introduction to the world of design was through University at Tyler School of Art. I received my fine arts degree at Tyler School of Art in 2001 and have been making art my profession since well before then.  My passions include illustration, design, and programming.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have those passions dovetail into my position at Northlight Advertising.