Data Driven Website Building

Website analytics is the collection and analysis of website traffic data in order to understand a websites performance, user traffic, and overall reach. Website analytics can be used as a tool for business and for market research.

Measure Visitor Behavior

Once they are on your website, a visitor’s behavior can be monitored to determine the effectiveness of certain content areas, such as navigation.  This data allows Northlight Advertising to implement or adjust target forms to maximize user conversion via contact form, user registration, and e-commerce purchases. Google Analytics is the most widely used on-site web analytics service.

Create Goals and Funnels

Once Analytics Data is set up and being collected, Northlight Advertising can create funnels and goals to monitor the effectiveness of getting a user to sign up on a form.  This can lead to implementing larger, more visible, buttons and forms in order to create a more effective website.

Integrate with Online Campaigns

Your Google Analytics account can also be tightly integrated with your Google AdWords™ or other online advertising campaign to measure visits and conversions generated by your campaign efforts. Give Northlight Advertising a call today at 484-202-8506 or contact us here to set up an appointment.