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From the Northlight Project Gallery

The Ronto Group

In 2016, Northlight was commissioned to rejuvenate the iconic Ronto Group logo.

First Priority Bank

Logo for First Priority Bank

Yellow Springs Inn

Logo for Yellow Springs Inn

Ursinus Campaign

Logo for Ursinus Campaign

Lorna Meyers

Logo for Lorna Meyers

D’Ignazio’s Towne House

Logo for D'Ignazio's Towne House bar & Restaurant

Harriton Farm

Logo for Harriton Farm


Logo for Athertyn

Pohlig Builders

Logo for Pohlig Builders

The Benson Companies

Logo for The Benson Companies

Vaughan & Sautter Builders

Logo for Vaughan & Sautter Builders

Desmond Hotels

Logo for The Desmond Hotels

Dilworthtown Inn

Logo for the Dilworthtown Inn

General Warren

Logo for the General Warren

Grentz Elite Coaching

Logo for Grentz Elite Coaching

Phelps School

Logo for the Phelps School

Arthur’s Restaurant & Bar

Logo for Arthur's Restaurant & Bar
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